About Me

Let’s face it. Producing web applications is a difficult business. It is easier to produce a poor application than it is to produce a valuable one, and most organizations are lucky to complete their web projects at all, let alone produce valuable applications in the process.

Like many of you, I’ve been around the industry for awhile and have seen web projects succeed and fail in all manner of organizations. I’m not so presumptuous as to tell any organization or its web team what they should or should not do. I merely share my observations, and describe the actions I’ve taken to improve myself and the organizations for which I work.

Affecting change within a single organization is a daunting task. Affecting change within an entire industry is even more so. Fear not. As with most complex problems, its solution can be summed up with a simple cliché: “Change starts with me.”

I hope this blog benefits you in some way…

Jason Stonebraker


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