The Role of Language

The Role of Language

Language frames and informs the way we think and interact with one another. I believe the web industry is currently suffering from the unabated use of terms that don’t accurately frame and inform the creative, continuous act of web production.

Some of the terms I’ll suggest might resonate with you while others might seem utterly ridiculous, at least at first. Even if you choose to not use these terms outwardly, I invite you to think in these terms inwardly as you move through the process of producing, gifting, and offering. I believe you will find that these terms better represent the activities of web production, and provide a touch of humanity and continued accountability to an often impersonal business.

More importantly, I believe you will find that by simply making small adjustments to the language you use, even if only in your personal, internal speech, your perception of your role and the roles of those you work with will change, you will produce better work, and enjoy your work more as a result.

Suggested Terms

Click on each term for the reasoning behind the suggestion.

  • Produce – Consider using Produce in place of Design, Develop, or Build.
  • Gift – Consider using Gift in place of Deliver.
  • Offer – Consider using Offer in place of Release or Launch.

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