Suggested Term: Produce


Consider using Produce in place of Design, Develop, or Build.

When referring to the activity of an entire team, I use the term produce in place of verbs such as design, develop, or build. I do this for three reasons.

  1. Given that web production teams consist of project leaders, business representatives, users, designers, and developers, it makes sense to refer to the combined, collaborative activities of the team as production. Designers design. Developers develop. The “whole team” produces a web application.
  2. In his book, Extreme Programming Explained, Kent Beck places importance on iterative design recommending that teams “perform all of the activities of web [production] at the same time.” The term design and development implies phased thinking, and limits the activities of web application production to those two activities. Knowledge gathering, prioritizing, and planning are a few other activities that must continually occur throughout a web project. The term production makes no assumptions about the activities taking place, and allows for any activity to occur at any time and in any order when producing an application.
  3. The terms develop and build tend to carry the connotation that the web application being produced will reach a state of completeness. In my opinion, the notion that a web application will ever take on a final form is the most problematic misconception of web application production. There is no such thing as a state of completeness for most web applications. A web application will have varying degrees of value, and it will either be available or unavailable for use, but it will always be subject to change and improvement. This is true regardless of who is responsible for making those changes.

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